Karen Is Looking For AWC’s Keystone While Many Of You May Be On The Pursuit Of Some Trim

Which brings me to more new offerings in wine and cheese land this week.

Pinnacoli Primativa Di Manduria 2013, $15.50

Yesterday, I paid the last installment of our possessory interest tax for 2009-2010. Long story. But it got me thinking about taxation and our new wine arrival this week, the antidote to California Zinfandel, Pinnacoli Primativa from Italy’s hot boot heel, Pulgia. The proprietary name of this wine is Terra del Trulli, which refers to the “trulli” or ancient stone dwellings with cone shaped roofs which are topped by “pinnacoli,” symbols of good fortune.

These home were built of fine flat stones, without mortar, and for good reason. Legend goes when the tax man was making his way to the next village, the people would gather up their belongings and remove the crucial keystone. Tax man would witness a pile of rubble and move on. The villagers would then return and rebuild their homes. Tax evasion, 1400s style!

The juice is as good as the story with black fruits dominating and accentuated by wild fennel and thyme aromas and flavors. If you’re a fan of Negroamaro you’ll like this one.

Trim Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, California (Mostly Paso Robles), $12.50

Our ever popular Vampire Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, also at $12.50 and also mostly composed of Paso Robles fruit, has a worthy contender with equally enough interest in the name, for those in the know. AWC associate, Dan, laughed when he saw the label.

“Don’t you know what “trim” is, Karen?”

“I’m just an old-fashioned girl from the midwest.”

Trim refers to a very special part of the female anatomy. Here are a couple of examples of use:

“Man, I’m going to get me some trim tonight!”

“No, you cannot pack my trim in a box and take it with you to San Diego. My trim stays here. At the wine bar. Unused.”

Here is the definitive definition from the Urban Dictionary.


Now, I don’t think this woman exactly exists, but the wine does. Juice sourced by the estimable Ray Signorello of his eponymous winery and made by a Frenchman, you have here a moderate left-bank style Bordeaux, comprised of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon and 24% Merlot, with no offensive oak, and nice green pepper backbeats of the Merlot to the bright cherry Cabernet Sauvignon. Not an insipid bottle of Cabernet for the small change, but the high production values match the wine’s earnest sentiment; “Everyone deserves a little TRIM now and then.”

Cheese, I Love It!

The ice cream of all cheeses, Vachrousse D’Argental is back in stock, along with the mouse’s wet dream, Old Québec Vintage Cheddar 3-Years Old. Last but not least is one of my favorite cheeses of all time, Jean Roussey Munster Géromé. This is where “trim” has entered my lexicon. “Now, I know this cheese is washed rind, fairing to pungent, veering to stinky with age, and still quite delectable, but I want a trim version. Fresh. As fresh as inherently stinky as fresh can be. If this is not trim, I’m sending right back down the rabbit’s hole. Do you understand me?”

I gave it the Charmin squeeze test and took a sniff. It seems trim. We’re opening it tonight.

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Cheers from the crew at AWC,
Cybele, Julie, Jaclyn, Maura, Dan & Karen