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New Arrivals

Overheard by one of our customers, it has been the neverending summer, which to my mind has meant the neverending glass of Rosé. If I could rebrand AWC it would be called Rosieland, and not just for the indifferent and unflappable Korean bar mistress, Rosie, of the television show M*A*S*H. I love Rosé, our associates can't keep their hands off it, and you love it as well, as long as it's not from California.

I was going to mark the end of our ongoing tribute to the pink this weekend as the close of summer fairly much curbs its desirability, even though I personally would drink it in the dead of winter and with a steak--Bandol please. And yet as fate would have it, we have a couple of new additions coming on board starting today. One of our favorite importers of German and Austrian wines, Bill Mayer, showed us two heavy-weight examples from Austria that will segue nicely to our changing schedules, weather and mood, and be a couple of big brothers to our current offering from importer, Rudi Wiest, the light and carefree Rosé of Pinot Noir from Schloss Schonborn of Rheingau.

Events & Promotions

This Is Truly The Last Call On Bluxome Street Pinot Noir 2012. $23, Before Case Discount.

I do not think I need to further elaborate on this fruit chockful, unfined and unfiltered Pinot love produced in downtown San Francisco, with grapes hailing from Russian River Valley. Go ahead and ask for a free taste, because you are only going to make it go faster once we have opened the gates and let everyone else taste.

I Am Still Sitting On A Pretty Pile Of Riedel Stemware . . .

. . . namely flutes and Chardonnay coupes. Impress your Labor Day guests with great stemware to add the right impact to that fine wine. I am taking your cost almost down to my cost. Please inquire.

From The Survey . . .

. . . it appeares many of you still are not aware AWC is available for special events. I may add to that we are now also available for special food and wine pairing events. We are currently working with a caterer who can handle your specialized culinary needs, while I have the severely hard job of figuring out the vinous potion to pair with each victual. We had the first run of such an event last Saturday to much success. We can handle groups of fifteen to fifty, weather permitting for patio seating. Please call for more details, 510-523-9463.

Rants & Raves

Karen Is Looking For AWC's Keystone While Many Of You May Be On The Pursuit Of Some Trim

Which brings me to more new offerings in wine and cheese land this week.

Pinnacoli Primativa Di Manduria 2013, $15.50

Yesterday, I paid the last installment of our possessory interest tax for 2009-2010. Long story. But it got me thinking about taxation and our new wine arrival this week, the antidote to California Zinfandel, Pinnacoli Primativa from Italy's hot boot heel, Pulgia. The proprietary name of this wine is Terra del Trulli, which refers to the "trulli" or ancient stone dwellings with cone shaped roofs which are topped by "pinnacoli," symbols of good fortune.

These home were built of fine flat stones, without mortar, and for good reason. Legend goes when the tax man was making his way to the next village, the people would gather up their belongings and remove the crucial keystone. Tax man would witness a pile of rubble and move on. The villagers would then return and rebuild their homes. Tax evasion, 1400s style!

The juice is as good as the story with black fruits dominating and accentuated by wild fennel and thyme aromas and flavors. If you're a fan of Negroamaro you'll like this one.

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